When I first saw this TV show on Star World, I was like "Nah - Another Reality Show." But then, I came across it again at the very time the beauties are doing their quiz and, gosh, they were very hilarious. That was the start when I frequently check whether the show was on TV.

Just a brief view, it is a show where a beauty or a typical dumb blonde and a very smart yet socially deficient  geeks are paired together. They compete in a series of challenges aiming that the beauties will help the geeks be socially active and, on the other hand, the geeks will help the beauties in different academic subjects.

I find the show very unique and fun. It shows that two different worlds can complement and get well along together. Movies often show mean girls bully geeks, but this one greatly contradicts everything media had taught us. Beauty and the Geek presented that even the beauties are emotional and are very willing to learn as well; and that the geeks just need a little boost of support and confidence, and they are very cool too as you get to know them.

You might say that everything is a show, and everything they wanted is the A$100,000 prize; however, as shown in this blog I've read, the beauty and the geek became friends for life (photos included).

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